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Hair Growth Treatment - First Trial at $88*

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Prevention is better than cure, and the same goes for treating hair loss. Regular scalp treatments are great for preventing hair loss!

Award-winning Hair Loss Treatment
since 2016

Cambridge’s new scalp treatment includes a unique combination of 3 highly effective technologies in the market.

Starting with the Venus GlowTM, it gently vacuums dirt, oil, debris & other impurities, with 2 ultra-fine jet streams to deep-cleanse clogged pores. After the scalp has been noticeably cleaner, the therapist will then apply the patented Genosys HR3 Matrix to supply supplements to the hair follicles, with microneedling to help with the absorption of product. Ending with the SMARTLUX Hair Laser Treatment to calm and soothe the scalp, it also helps with the efficacy of intracellular nutrient acquisition.

✓ Deep Cleansing with Venus Glow™
✓ Application of Genosys HR3 Matrix (Growth Factor)
✓ Product delivery with Microneedling
✓ SMARTLUX Hair Laser Treatment

Key Ingredients

  • Hair Growth Factor: for cellular regeneration, to reactivate passive hair follicles and convert them from the resting phase to the growing phase
  • Sophora Japonica: repair & strengthen skin barrier, improve hair vitality, stimulate hair follicle, prevent recurrence of dandruff
  • Hexapeptide-33: assists in wound healing, activates VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor), which is a potent angiogenic factor
  • Copper Tri-peptide: to accelerate cell reproduction and hair regrowth


  • Readjusts oil production
  • Promote hair growth and volume
  • Prevents hair loss & strengthens hair integrity
  • Promotes oxygen flow to the hair follicles
  • Supplies nutrients to hair follicles by angiogenesis effect

Best for

  • Early-stage of the male- or female-pattern hair loss
  • Oily scalp and scalp that is dandruff-prone
  • Dry, flakey scalp

Find out more about the Glow + Genosys Hair Loss Treatment here.


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- *Promotional price is before 7% GST and is limited to one (01) redemption per person. You may buy multiple vouchers for friends & family.
- Redeemable at Cambridge Therapeutics in Singapore only. Appointments are subject to availability.